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At JPC Webcraft we aim to deliver a well designed, affordable website design solution, using the latest in web techniques. We will enhance the web pages using your images or images obtained by us on your behalf from the best web images repositories. Coding techniques such as JQuery or Flash will further enhance a web page making for pleasurable viewing. As an example, all the animations on this site are produced using Jquery coding only.

Taste is important

Not everyone likes to view animated web pages so we will advise you if we think your vision is maybe going too far! Tasteful image transitions, fading, sliding etc, can be mor efective and a lot is possible using Flash and JQuery.


While you may not need animation, you will almost certainly require images on your pages. These can be supplied by you or sourced by us at a low cost. We source images from the best repositories on the web. If you supply your own images, we have the resources to edit and optimise these for web use. The image may need to be cropped or the colour balance may not be quite right etc. This work is all-inclusive in the package cost unless you decide on a large Flash animation. In this case we will arrange costs depending on the work involved.

Logo Design

Should you require a logo design we will be only too happy to oblige.
Of course, should you already have a logo, we will incorporate this at no charge. While logo design is part of our Web packages, we offer a stand alone logo design service. A logo designed to your specification will cost 105 Euro

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